We all are aware of the fact that obesity and excess weight is not good for your total health. When you are overeating all the time, you do not only feel bad but also your heart simply can not handle such a vast amount of food. No one doubts the fact that your stomach can stretch but still it is not a healthy way to live your life knowing that your weight is above an average and more suitable for your body. Recently it even was proven that ED can be caused by overeating and obesity.
About 20 million of men in America have ED from 20 to 70 year of age. As you can guess erection problems and impotence issues are usually bugging those men who are over 45 years of age.

What actually trigger ED and the possibility of you getting it?

There are various factors that usually influence your health and determine whether or not you are in the risk of getting erectile dysfunction.

– Your particular age actually plays an important role in your erection and impotence related issues. As you know erection occurs when you are getting sexually stimulated and your brain directs your blood through blood vessels to your male genitals. Well, as a result, blood gets trapped there and a, therefore, an erection occurs. You will have an opportunity to participate in the sexual intercourse afterwards. But when you are getting older your blood doesn’t circulate as well as it used to, therefore erection either is not happening at all or simply disappears too quickly.
– Diabetes is actually a trigger for ED in your life. When your blood sugar level is too high then erection will not happen because of the possible obstacles in your veins. Try to eat fresh fruits and watermelons in order to lower your blood sugar level.
– Check your cardiovascular system in order to be sure that you do not have any kind of diseases in this field,
– Hypertension is another well-spread disease that may lead to impotency, this usually occurs among aging men.

Try to exercise and eat less!

But let’s get back to the obesity and regard the fact how overeating and excess weight may lead to erectile dysfunction. There are a lot of men who are suffering from ED and they have been having obesity for quite sometimes simultaneously. When you have obesity then it is kind of obvious that your level of cholesterol is very high therefore you may have various cardiovascular illnesses and other related issues. As soon as you will feel like any part of your body is aching or you will experience certain problems with an erection then it is high-time for getting to the doctor and telling him about your issues.
Please keep in mind that as soon as you will manage to eat healthier, experience more often and do not spend as much time on your couch then you will see that your weight reduces and you will feel younger right away.
In case you have diabetes then try to eat fewer sweets and fill your ration with fresh fruits. Remember that only you are responsible for your own health, therefore you ought to keep an eye on what you are eating. In case you have certain mental issues and you are eating in order to escape your stressful problems or other issues then go to the shrink. By the way, in case ED is really ruining your life try Viagra for men. This drug will aid you with getting an erection and extraordinary sex drive in the bedroom.


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