Can you tell me what kind of side-effects am I going to have after taking Viagra and is it possible for me to avoid any kind of side-effects at all?

When you are taking Viagra there is a chance that you may have certain kinds of side-effects but only in case you are not being careful while  taking Viagra. When you mix Viagra with other drugs, you will see that it is impossible for you to get a strong erection; and therefore, you will not manage to stay healthy. Please stay away from alcohol and do not smoke because this way you will manage to get problems with your heart. Always keep in mind that your health is extremely essential and you do not have to damage your health in order to get an erection. In case you are willing to take Viagra do it right and follow your doctor prescriptions precisely.

I want to start a family, therefore, I and my girl have been trying to have a kid for quite some time, please tell me whether or not Viagra will help me with arousing and getting an extremely good erection?            

To be honest, Viagra will help you with arousal but only when you are healthy and do not have any heart-related issues. All you ought to do is to keep in mind that there are so many possible ways for you to improve your erection healthily. Try to go on a diet and also avoid drinking and smoking. You will not experience any erection delays, and therefore you will see that having sex is not a problem and you will ejaculate in time.

I actually have been experiencing premature ejaculation for quite some time; therefore I want to know whether or not Viagra will help me? 

When you have been ejaculating too quickly; then, merely remember that Viagra will help your erection to last. Just be very careful with not mixing Viagra with other drugs, remember that you can not mix Viagra either with Cialis and Sildenafil. Do not think that this medicine can be mixed just only because have a severe effect. You better stay away from other drugs if you do not want to have chest pains and other aches all over your body.

How can I be sure that Viagra is totally better the Cialis?

To be honest, both sexual booster drugs are great, but you will see that Viagra works quicker in your body. You will not have to wait for over 2-3 hours for Viagra to work, the way you have to with Cialis. But Cialis, on the contrary, will last for up to 36 hours, while Viagra lasts for 8 hours. Effect after both of this drug is remarkable therefore try to be very careful with taking both medications and not mixing them.

I did not have sex for about 5 years; will it be possible for me to get an erection with Viagra in case I will take it on the totally empty stomach?

Viagra is going to help you, and the flow of blood will go straight to your genitals and erection will be stronger than ever. DO not think that you will not manage to get any sex drive only because you did not have sexual intercourse for a very long time. Please try to get a complete check-up before you intake Viagra. You may realize that you have particular kind of health conditions and heart problems that you have never even imagined. When you get a blood test done, you will see the sugar level in your blood, and you will manage to prevent diabetes.
As you can see preventing ED and other similar issues in your life is not that difficult at all. All you ought to do is to make sure that you are very careful with taking Viagra. This way erection will be firm, and your partner will be happy for sure.